Friday, March 15, 2013

What makes a Good Writer?

A Good Writer..

Have you ever wonder what makes a writer "a good writer"?. Well, my interpretation of a good writer is a writer who knows how to express ideas with a clear distinctive voice, able to make readers feel what he/she feels,able to give readers a picture of what he/she sees  and be able to give input as well as output so that the reader could understand the message conveyed through writing.

A good writer knows how to manipulates reader's emotions by creating conducive environment for enjoyable reading.A good writer is actually a good reader,a good listener,and a good observer. Why am I saying this??..

 In order to be a good writer, one should be able to understand and able to process all the inputs that he/she gets from reading,listening and observing.Interpreting plays important part in writing.Misinterpreting will leads to unpleasant experience to the readers.      

Imagine, without being a good reader,listener, and observer, a writer would not be able to write a good story line because a good writer must use all five senses in order to write something interesting .Usually, reader would find a writing interesting if they can connect,comprehend and something close to their hearts.

Writing also related to emotions.Without emotions writing would be lifeless.To be a good writer, one must write from the heart.Writing from the heart always capture reader's attention.

Remember,creativity and originality always win reader's heart.  

 Last but not least,good command of language is essential for a good writer.

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