Thursday, February 7, 2013

Logo Design1

Logo Design

I design these logos for this blog. I ended up choosing the 1st logo as my blog's logo.

1st logo

2nd Logo

My Deco1

Mydeco Project

One of my latest addiction now days is designing a 3d interior design using application.

Below are samples of My interior design

Quilling Project1

Quilling Project1

I really adore a person who have a sharp eyes for arts,as they can capture and transform anything that they see into something artistic.   

Enjoy my 1st experiment with miniature quilling

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Digital Scrapbook Gallery

Why MyCrea8+veMinds???


I guess you guys might be wondering why I choose MyCrea8+veMinds as my blog's name. Below are the reasons:

MyCrea8+veMinds actually consists of 4 words,"(My,Creative,Positive,Minds)" which mean My Creative Minds,My Positive Minds.

For me,Creative & Positive minds are the most important elements in every success.

 So,by using these 2 elements, I do hope that it will give huge impact on myself, and others to use their creativity wisely.